It seems almost like a cruel irony. A place that employs military personnel who are armed with weapons of war — pistols, semi-automatic and automatic rifles and the like — doesn’t allow civilians to carry weapons. The discussion over concealed weapons on military installations has emerged again in the wake of a shooting at Fort […]

It’s been a year already since two bomb blasts rocked the world at the end of the Boston Marathon. Frontline has archived a key program dealing with terrorism and is streaming it online. “Top Secret American: 9/11 to the Boston Bombing” aired in April 2013. It is worth taking a look back at Frontline’s stellar […]

Muhammad Ali’s boxing career is as storied as they come. He won the heavyweight championship three times. He was brash. He predicted the rounds his foes would fall – and often fulfilled those predictions. He was loathed and loved for his personality and his bravado. He stunned the boxing world in February 1964 by beating […]

OK, here’s your chance if you missed it the first time it aired in late 2013. “Overheard with Evan Smith” is going to rebroadcast an interview with a fascinating religious scholar who got some unexpected publicity this past year when he appeared on a cable TV news talk show. Reza Aslan wrote a book titled […]

So, do you think corporate advertisers have to shell out millions of dollars to cable and broadcast networks to help pay for quality TV viewing? If you do believe that, then consider this little nugget: The Public Broadcast System has scored some notable kudos from the Peabody Awards, which honors excellence in broadcast journalism. Independent […]

North Korea is rattling its sabers once more, trying to make sure its neighbors in South Korea hear them. That brings us to Frontline’s planned re-airing of a special on the secrecy surrounding one of the world’s most mysterious nations. “The Secret State of North Korea” airs Tuesday night at 9 on Panhandle PBS. […]

Ken Burns is at it again. The heralded documentary filmmaker has assembled another masterpiece that airs April 15 on Panhandle PBS, dealing with President Abraham Lincoln’s landmark speech at the site of what many consider to be the most decisive battle of the American Civil War. The Gettysburg Address is only 272 words long. It […]


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