Hear young people’s voices

Do you think young people are disengaged from the American political system or the nation’s form of government?

Do you bemoan a lack of civic awareness among our young folks?

Are you worried about the nation’s future as it hands the important issues of the day off to those who are coming of age?

All those concerns shouldn’t worry anyone for a moment longer, if the wisdom expressed by a handful of Amarillo College students is any guide to the future. KACV-TV has questioned some students about their concerns for the upcoming election. You can watch these students express themselves at kacv.org/voices.

Beau Waldrop, web communications specialist for KACV-TV, spent a half day recently talking to students. He recorded their responses to two questions, one concerning the most important issues of this election campaign and the other wondering if the students think the political system is broken. The students’ major campaign issue almost without exception is the economy; and to the issue of whether the system is broken, almost all of them said “yes,” blaming the damage done to the system largely on both political parties.

“I was amazed at how intelligent these kids are,” Waldrop said. “They care about what’s going on and they absolutely are not out of the loop in a way so many people believe they are.” Waldrop, who is 31, added that the students’ opinions are “well-formed, but they’re also still forming. And even though they have some formed, they’ll only grow as they (the students) get older.”

Waldrop interviewed nine students who agreed to take part. He contacted officials within student government and in the AC honors program. Virtually all the students were of the “traditional” college age, roughly 18 to 20 or 21 years age.

“Everyone says the younger generation is no good,” Waldrop said with a chuckle. “But believe me, we’re in good hands.”

KACV-TV plans another round of student interviews as Election Day approaches. The election takes place Nov. 6. It figures to be a nail-biter as President Obama and Mitt Romney scrap for every vote they can find.

These men should listen carefully to the concerns expressed by a handful of Amarillo College students.


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