Monthly Archives: November 2012

‘Fiscal cliff’ poses dilemma

The “fiscal cliff” is (a) the nation’s route to financial ruin or (b) possibly the one mechanism to get the federal government’s spending practices into line. Take your pick. How does one learn more about the fiscal cliff, at which point the feds arrive on Dec. 31, 2012, absent a budget deal that overrides the […]

Hitting close to home

Reliving painful times can produce a sense of pride. Consider the highly acclaimed documentary, “The Dust Bowl,” which aired on KACV-TV on Nov. 18-19. It was directed by famed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns and it tells a story that thousands of our region’s residents know all too well. The four-hour documentary dissects the greatest manmade ecological […]

A frightening prospect looms … maybe

Ken Burns’ documentary, “The Dust Bowl,” has been getting high praise, and deservedly so. It also ought to send a chill to the descendants of those who lived through that terrible era in the 1930s. The documentary, which can be seen online at, talks about how High Plains residents plowed the native grasslands into […]

Living a turkey’s life

Joe Hutto is as human as the rest of us. But he knows his turkeys. Indeed, the Florida naturalist knows turkeys so well he actually has “mothered” a brood of hatchlings to adulthood. His story is the subject of a PBS “Nature” program, to air Wednesday at 7 p.m. on KACV-TV. Hutto has been studying […]

Poor kids

One out of every 13 Americans is out of work today. The just-completed presidential campaign took note of the estimated 23 million Americans who cannot find work. And many of those unemployed Americans are parents of small children. So when someone is out of work, the effects are felt by those who depend on them for the […]

Voices of the young

Watching the PBS documentary “The Dust Bowl,” which premiered over the weekend on KACV-TV, one must be struck by many thoughts, even some emotions. My prevailing thought has been this: The people telling the story of the horror they endured while living along the High Plains in the 1930s are old now, but they were […]

This one could be decisive

It’s been said that vice-presidential debates don’t determine the outcome of presidential elections. Tonight’s face-off between Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan — the Democratic and Republican nominees, respectively, for vice president — might be different. The debate occurs tonight at 8, and will air on KACV-TV. The venue for the debate […]