Ken Burns talks to the High Plains

Ken Burns is one of the world’s foremost documentary filmmakers.

He’s also sitting down with Amarillo College’s Ellen Robertson Green to tell her about his latest project.

It’s called “The Dust Bowl,” and it airs over four hours Nov. 18-19 on KACV-TV. Green’s conversation with Burns will be broadcast Thursday at 8 p.m.; the program will be rebroadcast at 2 p.m. on Nov. 18.

Burns spent a very long time rounding up survivors of the Dust Bowl era, which ravaged the High Plains — indeed, much of the middle of the country — for most of the 1930s. Those survivors’ stories are gripping, heartbreaking and in their way, actually uplifting. They tell of people with untold courage and heroism as they battled with Mother Nature’s merciless battering.

The conversation figures to set the table for four hours of riveting public television this coming weekend.

Tune and listen to how Ken Burns put together his latest documentary masterpiece. Don’t have time to watch Thursday night? Watch the full conversation online.


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