Poor kids

One out of every 13 Americans is out of work today. The just-completed presidential campaign took note of the estimated 23 million Americans who cannot find work.

And many of those unemployed Americans are parents of small children.

So when someone is out of work, the effects are felt by those who depend on them for the basic necessities of life. Frontline’s latest program, to be aired Tuesday at 9 p.m. on KACV-TV, is titled “Poor Kids,” and it details the life of American children who are categorized as poor.

Our parents and grandparents — those who had little when they were growing up — are fond of saying: “We didn’t know we were poor.” They went about their lives the same as every American family. Did they notice their friends had more material things? Did they wonder what it would be like to possess some of those things?

Frontline examines poverty in America and its impact on young people caught in the vise of economic hardship. And since the young comprise our nation’s future, Frontline will examine what poverty means to the future of our nation.

Their parents’ struggle to emerge from hardship has its impact on the children they brought into the world.

Frontline, as always, takes a thorough look at the struggles of those who are growing up poor in America.


And while you’re browsing the Internet, take a look at pbs.org/frontline and view some of the previous documentaries broadcast on PBS.


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