Fast times in West Philly

Many high school students they think they travel in the fast lane.

West Philly High School students take that thought process to a new level, as a PBS “Frontline” special pointed out recently.

It’s online and you can watch the show that ran on KACV-TV.

What the students did was build a car. Why take on such a major task? It is to teach them skills they can take into the world beyond high school. It’s the kind of lesson that “Frontline” highlighted with the program “Fast Times at West Philly High.”

The EVX program enables students to build a hybrid car, the kind of vehicle that relies less on gasoline and more on other fuels, such as bio-fuels that are designed to help us burn less gasoline, which comes from fossil fuels, which is a finite resource that can be used up.

These are important lessons for our young people to learn. They teach civic responsibility commitment to the greater community.

“Frontline” explores many of these kinds of issues each week. It talks about politics, policy and gives us a peek into the history that shaped — and is still shaping — the nation.

If you’re interested in what “Frontline” has shown, such as the fantastic profile of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on “The Choice,” check it out online at the link posted above.

Just as the students did at West Philly High, we’re all able to learn something valuable.


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