Late-night TV can be smart, too

Leno and Letterman make us laugh. Same with Conan, Fallon and Kimmel.

If you’re looking for some smart talk — and not smart-alec snappy patter — there’s a place for you to turn.

Charlie Rose has a late-night show that’s broadcast nightly — Monday through Friday — on KACV-TV. Yes, Rose does a morning news talk show as well on a commercial network and that show is filled with some of the light-hearted banter that accompanies the serious stuff.

But Charlie Rose — whose PBS show is named, aptly, “Charlie Rose” — is a mostly serious guy with mostly serious topics on his mind.

KACV broadcasts “Charlie Rose” at 10 p.m., providing a welcome change from — dare I say it? — the foolishness that airs on some of the other programs. I have nothing against the late-night comedians’ shtick. Some of it is pretty funny and I laugh at Leno’s “Jaywalking” skits and Dave Letterman’s “Top 10” lists (often read by celebrities and other people in the news).

But the funny stuff at times wears thin. Public policy discussions are important for other reasons, in that they deal with matters that ought to concern the public. Us. You and me. Taxpayers. The folks whose money pays for the government.

That’s where Charlie Rose comes in.

Tune in some weeknight at 10 if you’re in the mood for some serious policy talk. Then again, maybe some of the officeholders’ public pronouncements just might make you laugh.


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