An idea for Evan Smith

I have an idea for Texas Tribune editor in chief Evan Smith to consider.

Why not do an “Overheard” interview with state Sen. Kel Seliger, which could be broadcast on KACV-TV? Smith recently did a TribLive sit-down session with Seliger, who’s set to become the new chairman of the Texas Senate Higher Education Committee.

Seliger, an Amarillo Republican, was re-elected this year to his third Senate term. He’s been moving steadily up the leadership/influence/powerbroker ladder in the Senate since his arrival in 2004. Seliger, of course, is no novice to public service, having served on the Amarillo City Commission and then as mayor before moving to the Senate, where he succeeded the late Sen. Teel Bivins, who had been appointed U.S. ambassador to Sweden by then-President George W. Bush.

Smith’s interviews — “Overheard with Evan Smith” — are broadcast regularly on KACV (Thursday at 8 p.m.), as well as on public television stations throughout the state. They are informative and they often give viewers rare insight into public figures’ lives, their philosophies and the decisions they make on our behalf.

Seliger has proven to be an articulate spokesman for whatever project in which he is involved in the Legislature. He chaired the Senate Redistricting Committee, which was required to redraw state Senate lines after the 2010 Census.

Seliger’s latest challenge is the lead a panel that will shape legislation involving higher education, which is no small feat in the on-going struggle to fund state programs with dwindling amounts of money.

I hope Smith sees this blog and take the suggestion in the spirit in which I offer it. Sen. Seliger is a fine spokesman for the Panhandle and he ought to share his expertise with the rest of Texas’ public television viewing audience.

How about it, Evan?


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