‘Smart TV’ takes on new meaning

Have you been the electronics/gizmo store and seen the boxes labeled “smart TV”?

They tell customers that the contents enable you to do all kinds of cool things with the television that’s packed inside. It’s kind of like “smart phones,” right?

Well, there’s another take on smart TV. PBS on Friday night pre-empted its regular public affairs programming right after the PBS NewsHour to broadcast an hour-long special on the Newtown, Conn., massacre, which is still on virtually all Americans’ hearts and minds.

The program, “After Newtown,” which was shown on KACV-TV beginning at 7 p.m., brought together excellent journalists — broadcast and print types — to examine the cause of the hideous act that erupted Dec. 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The madness claimed 28 lives, including those of the shooter, his mother; 20 precious 6- and 7-year-old children, along with six educators who sought to protect the students from the mayhem.


What’s more, the program examined some possible cures to what ails the nation. More control of guns? Better treatment for mental illness? Curbing the sale and use of video games (some of which contain violent content)? Better vigilance in our neighborhoods and inside our own families for those who might exhibit violent tendencies?

It’s all there to be examined, probed and discussed. And smartly, I should add.

That’s what “smart TV” can do for all of us.


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