Not for sensitive viewers

“Reportero” is its name. The program will be shown at 9 p.m. Monday on KACV-TV … and this word of warning is in order: This upcoming program is violent and contains some graphic language.

Still, it is important for viewers to watch. “Reportero” tells the story of Zeta, a news weekly in Mexico, that took on the drug cartels and corrupt politicians in response to the violence being done to journalists in that country. Just as journalists have thrust themselves into harm’s way on the battlefield — with many of them losing their own lives while reporting on wartime deaths — they are just as endangered while reporting on the drug war along our nation’s southern border.

The 2-minute link posted here gives you a brief look at what the journalists are facing as they seek to reveal the barriers erected in the fight to stem the violence. Juarez, Mexico is among the most violent cities on the planet. It sits just across the border from El Paso. The story is similar in border cities on the other side of the New Mexico, Arizona and California borders.

Some brave journalists are seeking to tell these stories. And they put themselves at grave risk every day in that pursuit.

“Reportero” tells that story. It’s graphic. But it needs to be told.


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