Obama: Transformational or not?

Barack Hussein Obama became president in January 2009 wanting to be a transformational figure in American political history.

Tonight at 9, PBS’ “Frontline” examines whether the president has achieved that goal. It will be shown on KACV-TV.

“Inside the Obama Presidency” takes a rare look at the office occupied by the nation’s first African-American president. He’s had his ups and downs during the first four years of his presidency. And now that he prepares to be inaugurated for his second term, it’s good to examine how Barack Obama has handled the crises that have been the hallmark of his presidency.

We’ve had budget squabbles with members of Congress; he’s had to face down potential nuclear threats in the Middle East and in Iran; the president has waged a two-front war against international terrorists; and, yes, he issued the order that resulted in the death of Terrorist No. 1, Osama bin Laden.

What makes this man tick? How does he make decisions? Upon whom does he depend for sage advice and counsel?

“Inside the Obama Presidency” is likely to answer many of those questions.


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