Monthly Archives: March 2013

South Africa battle chronicled

Looking at earth-shaking political upheavals through an “independent lens” almost always is instructive to viewers. That’s where an ongoing Public Broadcasting Service series comes in. “Independent Lens” is going to take a look at one of the world’s most heroic battles, the fight to end apartheid in South Africa. “Independent Lens” will broadcast two segments […]

Parks are a state treasure

This hardly is a news flash, but Texas can boast of a first-rate system of state parks. The Panhandle has two of them, Palo Duro and Caprock Canyons. They both possess breathtaking vistas, plenty of recreational opportunities for visitors, they’re home to plenty of wildlife. Caprock Canyons, indeed, includes a significant herd of bison for […]

‘Dust Bowl’ better second time around

I watched “The Dust Bowl” re-run Sunday night and made a startling discovery. It’s more interesting to me the second time around. I cannot at this moment quite grasp why that’s so, but listening once again to the tales of horror, heartache and hardship punched me in the gut in a manner I didn’t quite […]

Blowin’ in the wind

A serious public policy debate is under way and it has to do with energy and how we make the transition from fossil fuel to a wide array of renewable energy sources. PBS is doing its part in furthering that discussion with a program to air Tuesday night on KACV-TV. Texas Panhandle residents ought to […]

‘Dust Bowl’ to be revisited

It could be argued that few public television broadcasts have sparked Texas Panhandle conversation quite like the one that told the story of a great American tragedy, known as the Dust Bowl. Well, for those who might have missed the first airing of the documentary, they’ll get a second chance on March 10 and 11, […]

Yet another fiscal crisis unfolds

There seems to be no end to the fiscal crises that erupt in Washington, D.C. They have all kinds of names: debt limit, fiscal cliff, sequestration. The last of this trio, sequestration, is the controversy of the moment in Washington. I don’t know about you, but I am relying on the PBS NewsHour to help […]

PBS filmmaker scores important victory

Ken Burns is no stranger to Texas Panhandle viewers of public television. Indeed, we’ll be treated to an encore presentation soon of his two-part series, “The Dust Bowl,” which will be rebroadcast on KACV-TV. Thus, those who appreciate his work should applaud a recent ruling by a federal judge against New York City officials who […]