Monthly Archives: April 2013

Update on war against terror

This ol’ world is a fast- and ever-changing place, with events overtaking previous events almost daily. So it is with the nation’s 12-year-old War on Terror, and Frontline — the award-winning PBS documentary program — steps into the updated terror war fracas with a re-airing of a September 2011 broadcast on that on-going effort. “Top […]

Film tells undocumented story

President Obama is searching for the building blocks to his legacy and immigration reform might provide them. He has a long way to go just to start construction. The next Independent Lens program to air on KACV-TV tells the story of just how far the president must go. “The Undocumented” tells the gripping and tragic […]

If only they knew back then

If only the nation had celebrated Earth Day back in, say, 1933. There just might have been enough of an awareness of the damage that improper plowing can do to the ecosystem. But they didn’t commemorate such things way back then. Food producers just, um, plowed ahead. Fast-forward about 80 years and we’ve been celebrating […]

Get it right … the first time

PBS NewsHour correspondent Gwen Ifill is a veteran journalist who’s worked for print as well as broadcast news organizations for many years. She toiled for the New York Times before moving to NBC News. Then she became one of the many voices of reliability for the Public Broadcasting Service. She can be seen weekly on […]

This just in … oops, we got it wrong!

Did you hear about the bombing in Boston, near the finish line of the Boston Marathon? Oh, and did you hear also that the authorities made an arrest in the case 48 hours after the blasts killed three people and injured more than 100 others? The first event is true. The second one is false, […]

Local elections most critical of all

I’ve tried many times over many years to explain why local elections have more tangible meaning to people than, say, presidential elections. May 11 will bring another opportunity for Texans to vote on local races and issues. They will have a tangible effect on many aspects of our lives. Accordingly, the League of Women Voters […]

‘Central Park Five’ relives an injustice

Ken Burns is at it again. The acclaimed documentary filmmaker is going to tell a horrific story of injustice that involves five young men, a female jogger and a case that enraged the nation. The young men were convicted in the media, in the court of public opinion and in the minds of Americans who […]