This Democrat is a potential star

Texas Democrats haven’t had much to cheer about in recent times. But that doesn’t mean the party is dead elsewhere.

Take the mayor of Atlanta, Ga., for example. His name is Kasim Reed and, like many mayors who run for office as non-partisans, he governs his city ostensibly as a non-partisan. But in truth he is a proud Democrat who many political observers believe has a bright future in his party.

Reed will be Texas Tribune editor in chief Evan Smith’s next guest on Smith’s “Overheard” program, which is broadcast on KACV-TV. Smith’s interview with Reed will air at 8 p.m. Thursday.

Mayor Reed is a young lawyer and a former Georgia state representative. He’s served as Atlanta mayor since 2010. Reed also has been involved in his share of controversy, involving for example his one-time opposition to same-sex marriage. Reed once declared he favored civil unions, but opposed gay marriage. But like many politicians of late, Reed’s position has evolved into supporting same-sex marriage.

What does the future hold for Kasim Reed? Any office is on the table, as the current president has demonstrated. Remember when U.S. Sen. Barack Hussein Obama once described himself as a “skinny guy with a funny name”? Obama then went on to break the familiar-sounding-name mold with his election to the presidency in 2008.

Mohammed Kasim Reed’s name is a bit unusual, too. Might there be an office in Washington awaiting him as well? Let’s hope Evan Smith poses the question.


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