Film tells undocumented story

President Obama is searching for the building blocks to his legacy and immigration reform might provide them.

He has a long way to go just to start construction. The next Independent Lens program to air on KACV-TV tells the story of just how far the president must go.

“The Undocumented” tells the gripping and tragic story of individuals who die trying to enter the United States across the unforgiving Sonora Desert that straddles the border between Mexico and the United States. “The Undocumented” airs Tuesday night at 9 and will put names to the bodies identified as they lay where they fell.

This is a critical part of the immigration reform story. As many as 11 million or so people are living illegally in the United States. The 2012 presidential election turned partly on the issue of immigration reform. Barack Obama wants a comprehensive overhaul of the system; his opponent in the general election, Mitt Romney, once talked of “self-deportation” as an option, making life here so difficult for undocumented residents that they would want to deport themselves back to their native land.

Voters re-elected Obama and the debate has continued.

Meanwhile, people — indeed, entire families — continue to come across the border while facing harrowing odds in an unforgiving climate while crossing rugged terrain.

The debate is taking an interesting turn of late, with some members of Congress wanting to scrap the term “illegal immigrant” in favor of “undocumented foreign national.” Whatever you call them, many of these folks are dying in the effort to forge a better life.

Independent Lens will tell their story.


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