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Moore twister a harbinger

Allow me this not-very-bold prediction: The Moore, Okla., tornado is going spawn debate over whether climate change will increase the frequency of these deadly storms. Some say “yes.” Others aren’t so sure. NOVA, the acclaimed PBS science series, examined it in a recent installment that aired Wednesday on KACV-TV. You can view it online at […]

We’re losing our heroes daily

Bill Moyers is a proud American. He’s served his country near its highest levels as a presidential press secretary. He’s also serving his country telling important stories that all Americans need to see and hear. Some of those stories involve heroes — and not the made-up kind, but the real thing. We’ve just commemorated Memorial […]

Constitution road trip comes to an end

Peter Sagal’s road trip examining the U.S. Constitution comes to an end Tuesday evening. And it concludes in an interesting place: Iceland. It’s not exactly Middle America. It’s not even like the cosmopolitan urban centers on any of the coasts. It’s a land far away. But Sagal, who’s presented a compelling series examining the nation’s […]

Moyers lends a special touch to commentary

Bill Moyers has been around the proverbial media pea patch. He’s been a print and broadcast reporter, a presidential press secretary, and now he’s a commentator and public television host. The Texan also been something of an activist and, oh yes, he’s been a Baptist preacher on top of all that. Moyers always has something […]

Honoring the fallen

‘Untouched’ by the justice system

Some programs are worth seeing a second time. Frontline’s “The Untouchables” is one of them. It will air once again Tuesday night at 9 on KACV-TV and it tells a story that makes many millions of Americans quite angry. Check that. It infuriates them. “The Untouchables” tells how Wall Street financial wizards and gurus have […]

Equal protection up next on road trip

Peter Sagal’s motorcycle road trip takes us next to an examination of the 14th Amendment. Sagal has produced a compelling four-part PBS series called “Constitution USA.” He rode his motorcycle to communities all across the country. He should have come to Historic Route 66 in Amarillo, where he would have found plenty of motorcycle brethren […]