Constitution hits the road

Peter Sagal has this idea: Hit the road to find out what the U.S. Constitution means to real-life Americans living and working in real life.

Take my word for the notion that this project cannot be done in a single day, or even in a week or two. It’s going to take lots of time and PBS is devoting it to exploring what many have called the most perfect government framework ever devised.

“Constitution USA with Peter Sagal” premiers Tuesday at 8 p.m. and will be shown on KACV-TV. Sagal, a popular PBS host, is going to pick the Constitution apart piece by piece and examine its implications in communities all across the nation.

The opening segment — “States vs. Uncle Sam” — deals with the document’s resilient brand federalism. How much is too much government? Where does federal law leave matters to be decided by the states?

During the course of four weeks, Sagal’s special will examine the meaning of “We, the People,” it will ask us if we “Think You Know Your Rights,” and then will look at the 14th Amendment which, Sagal suggests, changed the Constitution forever.

The nation is involved in heavy, often emotional, debate over the document that’s been amended only 27 times since its inception in 1787. It has served as the framework for a government that has undergone many constitutional crises since that time. It has survived impeachment, scandal, civil war, secession, economic collapse … you name it.

And now Peter Sagal takes the nation on a journey of rediscovery of what this document means to us and how it works to create a “more perfect Union.”

Let’s enjoy this journey together. It begins Tuesday night.


One comment

  1. Robert Forrester · · Reply

    John, can’t wait to see the 1st installment of this new series. Glad to finally find your blog.

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