This series will educate those who watch it

I won’t take up a lot of space with this blog post. I just want to remind KACV-TV viewers of an important series premiere tonight.

“Constitution USA with Peter Sagal” airs at 8 pm on KACV, kicking off a four-week documentary special chronicling how the U.S. Constitution is seen by everyday Americans living in their communities.

One of the items to be featured tonight will be the integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Ark., when President Dwight Eisenhower deployed military personnel to protect the safety — indeed, the lives — of those caught up in the effort to admit African-American students into the all-white student body.

The first installment looks at federalism and how it works. To what extent does the federal government intervene?

President Eisenhower felt in the late 1950s that it was imperative for the federal government to play a role in integrating a high school in Little Rock.

There will be plenty more to watch as the series unfolds. Take a look.


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