Moyers lends a special touch to commentary

Bill Moyers has been around the proverbial media pea patch.

He’s been a print and broadcast reporter, a presidential press secretary, and now he’s a commentator and public television host.

The Texan also been something of an activist and, oh yes, he’s been a Baptist preacher on top of all that.

Moyers always has something interesting to say and KACV-TV viewers can listen to what he says each Sunday at 4:30 p.m. on the Moyers and Company news talk show. The current program is an offshoot of his earlier Bill Moyers Journal, which also used to be carried on KACV-TV; that show ended in 2010 and Moyers and Company came into being in 2012.

Moyers has no stranger to controversy. He has waded into the fight over media bias. He’s given as good as he’s gotten from his critics, who contend that he’s become a shill for liberal causes. Moyers’s response has been to fire right back at conservative media executives for becoming beholden to conservative political causes.

Bill Moyers served as White House press spokesman during the Johnson administration in the mid-1960s. He’s been on the other side of the media divide, taking tough questions from reporters questioning the president’s policies. In Lyndon Johnson’s case, the media would quiz Moyers about the president’s conduct of the Vietnam War. Those times to contentious in the extreme and Moyers was in the thick of the fight.

He brings a mellower approach to his commentary these days. Moyers, after all, is nearly 80.

Love him or not, Bill Moyers is one native Texan who’s made something of himself. KACV-TV viewers ought to listen to this voice of experience.


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