Monthly Archives: May 2013

Obama finishes a very bad week

Perhaps you’ve had weeks that you could just take back. You know, roll back the clock and start over. Maybe you’d just wish all the bad stuff away. President Barack Obama has had one of those weeks. I’m not sure yet it’s going to get any better, but he’ll get to relive a good bit […]

Grim history lives on

Frontline comes to Texas Panhandle viewers each week, presenting compelling documentaries on all manner of issues. Most of them are huge. Tonight’s installment is as big as it gets. Never Forget to Lie “Never Forget to Lie,” airs tonight on KACV-TV at 9 and it takes viewers back to the darkest period of the 20th […]

Let freedom ring

Peter Sagal’s motorcycle journey across the United States revealed to him just how every-day Americans view the document that frames our nation’s government. “Constitution USA with Peter Sagal” airs its second installment Tuesday night at 8 on KACV-TV and viewers will learn from “It’s a Free Country” how the Bill of Rights affects Americans’ lives. […]

‘Invisible War’ comes into view

There’s a scandal brewing in a place where one would hope it never would appear: within the ranks of the U.S. armed forces. It involves the shocking rate of sexual assaults committed against those who swear to defend the nation against all enemies. On Monday night, the latest Independent Lens segment peels the skin off […]

This series will educate those who watch it

I won’t take up a lot of space with this blog post. I just want to remind KACV-TV viewers of an important series premiere tonight. “Constitution USA with Peter Sagal” airs at 8 pm on KACV, kicking off a four-week documentary special chronicling how the U.S. Constitution is seen by everyday Americans living in their […]

Constitution hits the road

Peter Sagal has this idea: Hit the road to find out what the U.S. Constitution means to real-life Americans living and working in real life. Take my word for the notion that this project cannot be done in a single day, or even in a week or two. It’s going to take lots of time […]

Sisterhood tracks down bin Laden

CIA hit teams work in a man’s world. But an HBO documentary titled “Manhunt” demonstrates the value of a strong woman’s touch in finding deadly terrorists and, well, taking them out. PBS NewsHour correspondent Margaret Warner’s story broadcast May 1 on KACV-TV talks about “Manhunt” and discusses the work of six women who played a […]