Monthly Archives: June 2013

Rose is all over the Snowden story

Charlie Rose’s many years of experience as a broadcast journalist serves him well in a variety of capacities: as a correspondent for “60 Minutes” as a co-anchor on “CBS This Morning” … and as a PBS talk show host whose program airs at 10 p.m. weeknights on KACV-TV. He’s been all over the Edward […]

One heck of a news week, eh?

The U.S. Supreme Court — as well as the Texas Legislature — have given news junkies plenty of grist to satisfy their appetite. PBS NewsHour and Washington Week in Review, which air on Friday beginning at 6 p.m. on KACV-TV, will have agendas overflowing with huge news on which to report, analyze and offer commentary. […]

‘Most famous feminist’ coming up next

America’s most famous feminist is no stranger to KACV-TV viewers. She’s been seen many times before and she’ll be seen once more this week in another installment of Overheard with Evan Smith. Gloria Steinem founded “Ms” magazine and has been at the forefront of gender-equality issues since the 1970s — which, to be honest, seems […]

Big week ahead for high court

One of many cool things about the Internet Age is that public affairs programs that air on TV can be stored seemingly forever online. If you miss watching it on “The Tube,” just call it up on your computer and get caught up. Gwen Ifill is host of PBS’s Washington Week in Review. On KACV-TV […]

‘Rape in the Fields’

This ol’ world is full of dirty little secrets, one of which comes to light Tuesday night on KACV-TV. Frontline airs a program at 9 p.m. called “Rape in the Fields” and it tells a terrible story of what migrant women occasionally endure as they try to put food on our tables. The women […]

Frontline gets set for another season

Frontline is one of my favorite PBS series. Maybe it’s the voice of the narrator, Will Lyman, that lures me in. Then again, maybe it’s the compelling topics that Frontline explores with serious attention to detail, nuance and knowledge. A new season is coming soon to KACV-TV viewers. The link previewing some of the programs […]

Brooks, Shields play ‘Doubleheader’

Mark Shields and David Brooks love to joust on public television. They do so every Friday during the PBS NewsHour, which airs on KACV-TV at 6 p.m. But this week PBS is offering viewers something quite different from these two friends. “Doubleheader Live” will air on KACV beginning at 4:15 p.m. and will allow […]