In search of new energy sources

Let’s take a trip across our vast country. We can visit Alaska, then travel many thousands of miles to the East Coast. Let’s stop at some communities along the way. Portland and Fort Worth would be on our itinerary.

All the cities and towns we’ll visit are varied in their outlooks, their philosophies and their politics. But they have something in common, as shown on an upcoming public television broadcast to air Wednesday night at 9 on KACV-TV.

Residents of these communities are finding new sources of energy and promoting environmental sustainability.

“Energy Quest USA — Earth: The Operator’s Manual” takes viewers on an expansive journey to learn the secrets of energy-conservation awareness.

“Energy Quest USA” provides a look at ways that residents, no matter where they live, can reduce their carbon footprint. It’s an important challenge, regardless of whether you believe in the science of climate change or whether you believe the world is running out of finite fuel sources, such as fossil fuels.

Me? I happen to believe our climate is changing. I don’t yet know its cause. I do believe the data — and the pictures taken from space to prove it — that our ice caps are melting and that the world’s oceans are rising. Fossil fuels may not be causing it, but the continued burning of it cannot be helpful if humankind ever hopes to reverse the direction of climate change.

As for energy conservation, I’ve also long believed we should invest in ways to mine renewable resources. Wind and sun come immediately to mind. Many communities already are ahead of that curve and have demonstrated an awareness the rest of us ought to emulate.

“Energy Quest USA” will provide a look at what any of us can do to follow these communities’ lead.


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