Frontline gets set for another season

Frontline is one of my favorite PBS series.

Maybe it’s the voice of the narrator, Will Lyman, that lures me in. Then again, maybe it’s the compelling topics that Frontline explores with serious attention to detail, nuance and knowledge.

A new season is coming soon to KACV-TV viewers. The link previewing some of the programs is attached:

The PBS preview breaks out three tremendous topics.

* The first one deals with whether the United States is lockup-happy. Are we too quick to incarcerate people who perhaps do not deserve to spend time behind bars? Frontline examines the issue carefully. The United States has about 2.3 million people incarcerated, the largest prison population of any nation on Earth. The Panhandle has its share of Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison units, the largest one being the William Clements Unit maximum-security prison in Amarillo, with more than 3,000 inmates. The Panhandle knows prisons and its local leadership has lobbied the state hard to bring them here.

* No. 2 on the preview list deals with the “super bugs” that have become immune to the medications used to rid the human body of them. Remember when the doctor would tell you to “take two aspirin and call me in the morning”? Those days are gone, with medical researchers coming up with sophisticated ways to treat aggressive illness. Problem is, some of the bugs that strike us have become too strong for the medications we use to kill them.

* Finally, take a look at the preview of an autumn special Frontline has put together with ESPN that examines the head injuries suffered by college and professional football players. Mike Webster, the late, great Hall of Fame center for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was a mountain of a man who took a lot of hits to his head. Webster died in 2002 of complications of all those hits. He suffered severe dementia, intense personality changes and disorders, and died a broken man. He’s not the only player to pay such a grievous price playing a violent game. Frontline asks the question: What did the National Football League know about the damage being done to its players and when did it know it?

A compelling season of Frontline awaits KACV-TV viewers.

I will have a difficult time waiting for it.


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