‘Most famous feminist’ coming up next

America’s most famous feminist is no stranger to KACV-TV viewers. She’s been seen many times before and she’ll be seen once more this week in another installment of Overheard with Evan Smith.

Gloria Steinem founded “Ms” magazine and has been at the forefront of gender-equality issues since the 1970s — which, to be honest, seems like such a long time ago.

Evan Smith, editor in chief of the Texas Tribune, will talk once again to Steinem — who described as the most famous feminist in America — on Thursday night for a 30-minute interview that begins at 8 on KACV.

What will she say? Just about anything as it pertains to an issue about which she feels passionately.


The timing of the Steinem interview is fortunate in this regard: The Texas Legislature has just completed debate on a controversial bill that would limit a woman’s right to choose an abortion. Steinem has been among the leaders in the campaign to retain a woman’s reproductive rights, along with seeking pa equity and ending sexual harassment that continues to be one of the business world’s most troubling plagues.

Gloria Steinem is no wallflower, as she’s demonstrated over many years of civic activism. She’ll show us once again she’s a woman with whom the world needs to reckon.


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