Rose is all over the Snowden story

Charlie Rose’s many years of experience as a broadcast journalist serves him well in a variety of capacities: as a correspondent for “60 Minutes” as a co-anchor on “CBS This Morning” … and as a PBS talk show host whose program airs at 10 p.m. weeknights on KACV-TV.

He’s been all over the Edward Snowden story. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Snowden is the former National Security Agency contract employee who spilled the beans on some national security secrets to The Guardian newspaper in London. The link attached to this blog post is of Rose’s recent interview with two senior Guardian editors, Alan Rushbridger and Janine Gibson.

Rose commenced the interview by asking Rushbridger and Gibson, “What does the Guardian know?” right after declaring he has “no more questions.”

Of course he had plenty of questions to pose to the senior Guardian hands, who’ve been at the center of the controversy surrounding Snowden who — last anyone had heard — was holed up in a transit station at Moscow’s international airport awaiting a flight to God-knows-where.

Rose’s experience is another added benefit to public TV’s discussion of important news of the day. He demonstrates it several nights each week. Take a look and a listen.


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