Spitzer seeks redemption

New York City must be the place to go for political redemption.

Think of this for a moment. The race for NYC mayor features a former congressman, Anthony Weiner, who got caught sending lewd text messages and tweeting pictures of certain body parts into cyberspace. He quit his House seat and slinked quietly back into private life. Now he’s back in the public eye, seeking to become mayor succeeding Michael Bloomberg.

On top of that, we have the spectacle of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who got caught in a scandal of his own. This one involved the business he did with call girls. He, too, quit his office after being disgraced.

He, too, may be back.


Spitzer’s return to the political arena involves a move to get him to run for New York City comptroller. It’s a bit a demotion on the political hierarchy totem pole, to be sure. It marks a fascinating turn for a guy who was thought to be finished as a political leader.

I cannot think of anything remotely resembling these comeback attempts anywhere else in recent memory, let alone in Texas.

Both of these guys were thought to be toast. Weiner’s transgression also involved bald-faced lying to the public that sought to know if he, indeed, had sent the texts and the dirty Twitter pictures. He said time and again “no.” Then he changed his tune and admitted to it.

Spitzer’s brush with the public trust took a similar turn. He didn’t lie initially about whether he was consorting with “businesswomen.” What he did, though, is illegal. He committed a crime, as prostitution is still illegal in most places in this country.

Even the most soiled political figures can wash themselves clean, or so it seems.

Only in New York, right?


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