Father of Texas is profiled

Let’s play a word game.

If George Washington is the father of our country, Sam Houston is (what) to Texas. Could it be ol’ Sam is the father of this state? Or of the republic that morphed into one of the states of the Union?

PBS is showing a special Thursday night, beginning at 8, that profiles one of the true giants of Texas and American history. “Sam Houston: American Statesman, Soldier and Pioneer” airs on KACV-TV and it will give us a glimpse into the life of one the true icons of Texas.

Commanding the Texian army, Gen. Houston fought for Texas’s independence from Mexico, winning it finally at the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836. He served as the Republic of Texas’s first president. He served as Texas’s U.S. senator after Texas was admitted to the Union in 1845. Houston was elected governor of Texas just before the state seceded from the Union at the start of the Civil War; talk about being in the hot seat right off the bat.

They’ve named schools and office buildings in Houston’s honor. Is there a city in Texas that doesn’t not carry Houston’s name? I doubt it.

Why, there’s a fine public university in East Texas — Sam Houston State University — that carries the great man’s name. What’s more, drive north along Interstate 45 and on the east side of the highway as you enter Huntsville, you’ll see an imposing statue of Gen./President Houston standing guard over the highway.

Take a look at this special and learn why so many Texans revere Sam Houston to this very day.


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