Monthly Archives: August 2013

NFL reaches agreement on concussion suit

The upcoming and much-discussed Frontline documentary on football-related concussions keeps getting new wrinkles. Consider this latest item: The National Football League has reached a $765 million settlement with players who had sued the league over compensation related to complications from the concussions they suffered while playing football. The settlement comes as Frontline is finishing […]

Frontline pushes ahead with ‘League of Denial’ special

This just in: Frontline is not backing off its plan to broadcast a special on the concussion epidemic that’s afflicting the National Football League. Frontline’s special had been set to include ESPN as a partner in the production of the landmark special. ESPN has backed out of the project, leaving some to speculate about […]

‘Red line’ looms bright in Syria

President Obama said it himself. Any use of chemical weapons by Syrian government forces against rebels would cross a “red line” that would require a stern response from the United States and the much of the rest of the world. Syria has crossed it, according to U.S. and international intelligence reports. And now the United […]

NewsHour duo to interview president

Fresh off a big speech today on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, President Obama will spend some time with two veteran PBS journalists to talk about the state of the world. The president has a full plate, you know? Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff sat down with the president this afternoon after his […]

Churchill’s glory had its limits

Winston Churchill was without question one of the world’s greatest wartime leaders. He vowed during the Battle of Britain in World War II that he would “never surrender.” Churchill kept his word. The Allied forces — led by the Americans, British and the Russians — put down the tyrant, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi war […]

Ted Cruz faces ‘birther’ issue

Ted Cruz might be considering a run for the presidency in 2016. Then again, he might not. The junior U.S. senator from Texas still has time to ponder his future, but as any politics-watcher will tell you, the time can run out quickly. As Cruz considers whether to seek the Republican presidential nomination in three […]

PBS to honor March on Washington

If, as the saying goes, our “past is prologue,” then now is a good time to watch a program of profound significance. It tells us of a huge event in our past, something that occurred 50 years ago. It set the tone for a national discussion on race relations that we’re still having to this […]