PBS to tell Churchill’s story

When I think of the greatest figures of the 20th century, one name keeps popping up.

Winston Churchill.

Beginning on Sunday, PBS is going to air a three-part series on the life and times of arguably the world’s most courageous leader. “Churchill: Destiny” airs at 7 p.m. Sunday on KACV-TV.

This first installment tells the story of Churchill’s early life, rise to power and his fall from the summit.


The website makes this notation about Churchill: “During his childhood at Blenheim Palace, Churchill is reported to have stated that he would one day become Prime Minister and he duly achieved his aim aged 65. However, the determination and doggedness which marked Churchill out from his peers was both a strength and a weakness.”

Winston Churchill served three terms as Britain’s prime minister. His most critical tenure occurred during World War II. Great Britain was at war with Germany, Italy and Japan. The Germans had conquered most of Europe by the spring of 1941, but during the previous year the forces commanded by Adolf Hitler had sought to bomb the British into submission with a relentless air assault.

The Battle of Britain was fought in the sky over the British Isles. The British had to rally behind the stirring rhetoric of their prime minister, Churchill.

He never wavered. He stood strong against the onslaught and heaped high praise and the country’s support to the men of the Royal Air Force who fended off the German Luftwaffe.

Of course, no great deed goes unpunished, or so it seems. The British “rewarded” Churchill at the end of the war by removing him from the prime minister’s office. He would return for a time in the early 1950s.

In reality, though, the great man forged his legacy during his country’s darkest hour.

“Churchill: Destiny” takes viewers on a fascinating journey chronicling the life of one of world history’s greatest men.


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