Monthly Archives: September 2013

Bivinses — mother and son — to be rebroadcast

The Bivins family conjures many memories of Texas Panhandle residents. They were pioneers, ranchers, philanthropists, civic-minded public servants and an elected official. Two members of this famous family have spent time in front of PanhandlePBS cameras. And on Sunday, their interviews will be rebroadcast on public television. It’ll be an interesting look back at two […]

Clements Unit placed on dubious list

The William P. Clements Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice houses many men who’ve committed violent crimes. You’d think their days of violence are over. They’re not, according to a study done by the Texas Tribune. The data are quite alarming. The Tribune surveyed the state’s prison system and found that of […]

JFK soon will dominate our recollections

I remember what I was doing 50 years ago the morning of Nov. 22, 1963. I was lying on my parents’ couch. I had stayed home from school that day, as I was suffering from a cold. The TV was broadcasting its usual daytime fare when suddenly a news bulletin flashed on the screen. Shots […]

Budget battle returns for another round

Have you heard the latest? President Obama and congressional Republicans are battling over budget matters. If you think you’ve heard this before, you’re not alone. We all have. Repeatedly. It never ends. How’s that saying go? Same song, different verse. So, what’s at stake? Plenty. The government might shut down. Then again, it might not. […]

Panhandle Twenty/20 program lives on

One of the many — arguably countless — pluses about Internet technology is that it enables people to view important public affairs events at home, or whenever or wherever they wish, should they be unable to see the event in person. Consider the recent presentation delivered in Amarillo by noted demographer Steven Murdock, who came […]

Latino history profiled

It’s well-known that Texas, along with many other states, is building a population based on those with Latino heritage. These new immigrants to the United States in reality, though, are the descendants of those who came to the New World many centuries ago. A PBS series to be shown over three weeks on PanhandlePBS tells […]

Independent Lens focuses on graduates

You’re born into poverty. You face temptations every hour of every day. You seek refuge, love and comfort from the wrong people. You are bullied because of who you are. You get into trouble with the law. What do you do with your life? Do you surrender to all of it, or do you realize […]