Frontline is all over the Syria story

Do you have any questions about how the Syria crisis got to this point?

Do you wonder whether anyone could have prevented the bloodshed?

Have you thought about the complexities of all the relationships that are intertwined within the volatile Middle East?

PBS’s award-winning documentary series, Frontline, has been on top of the story before “Syria” became a household name.

Frontline is broadcast Tuesday nights on KACV-TV. It features hard-hitting journalism that probes all the questions from every angle. There usually are far more than just two sides to every story and Frontline manages to find and explore them all.

Frontline did a story on “The Bombing of al Bara.” It’s on the link attached to this blog post. It examined Bashar al-Assad’s rise to power in “The Regime Responds.” If you missed it when it aired, it also is on the attachment. Frontline picks apart the sectarian violence that has ripped the country apart; see it also on the link.

Public television is full of this kind of quality reporting. Frontline stands ready to report it — thoroughly and without bias, which is the very first requirement of first-rate journalism.


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