Obama heads for the airwaves … in a big way

President Obama might be mistaken Monday for a hologram who’s everywhere all at once.

He is heading for the airwaves — both broadcast and cable television. He’ll be interviewed by news anchors and correspondents from all the networks about his plan to strike at Syria in retaliation for the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons on civilians.

PBS will be among the networks that Obama will visit and his interview with PBS journalists will be shown Monday night on KACV-TV.


The president had said Syrian use of chemical weapons would constitute their crossing a “red line” that should not be tolerated. Obama called meetings with his Joint Chiefs of Staff, Defense Department officials, State Department envoys and all those with a direct hand in implementing the strikes — when and if they take place.

Then he changed course, deciding to ask Congress for authorization to strike at Syria.

Polls indicate little public support for such a strike. Members of both houses of Congress seem reluctant as well.

That brings us to two critical moments Monday and Tuesday.

The president will speak to broadcast journalists on all the networks — CNN, MSNBC, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC and of course, PBS — to make the case for striking at Syria.

Then he’ll speak to the nation in a televised speech from the White House. He’s seeking to persuade the public to go along with what many see as a risky plan to bomb the Syrians into rethinking whether they want to use the chemical weapons ever again.

Stay tuned this week on KACV for what is looking like a pivotal period in the presidency of Barack Obama.


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