Panhandle Twenty/20 program lives on

One of the many — arguably countless — pluses about Internet technology is that it enables people to view important public affairs events at home, or whenever or wherever they wish, should they be unable to see the event in person.

Consider the recent presentation delivered in Amarillo by noted demographer Steven Murdock, who came to town to commemorate the 10th year since the founding of Panhandle Twenty/20, a program conceived by educators and business leaders to come to grips with the changing demographics of the Texas Panhandle.

Murdock’s research gave Panhandle Twenty/20 mountains of critical data it needed to start plotting strategies to maintain a well-educated population that will be equipped to compete in the future. It will be a challenge as the community competes with other regions to attract business and industry, which will need a well-qualified and highly motivated work force to fill key positions.

Murdock, who serves on the Rice University faculty, once was Texas’s official demographer, which means that people in high places have relied on his knowledge of population trends to develop their own strategies. Therefore, the man knows his stuff and he brought that knowledge back to Amarillo to share it with the community.

Those who were unable to attend the event at the Amarillo College Business & Industry Center can see it live streamed online on Panhandle PBS. I’ve attached the link. It’s a little more than an hour in length. It’ll be worth your time to listen to Dr. Murdock offer his assessment of where we’ve been and where he believes we’re headed.

Internet technology can be a grand thing, indeed.


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