JFK film viewing moved to larger venue

Don’t you just love it when overwhelming community interest forces people to change their plans for big events?

It’s happened at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, which is set to air a one-hour preview of an upcoming American Experience special on the life and times of President John F. Kennedy.

Seems that interest in the special has forced the PPHM, which is presenting the video in conjunction with Panhandle PBS, to move it to the Derrick Room to accommodate more guests.

PPHM will host a lecture and show the program video on Nov. 7. Those who want to attend need to send RSVPs to Tori at 651-2249 no later than Wednesday, Nov. 4.

The event will begin at 6:30 p.m. It had been scheduled for the Hazlewood Lecture Hall. Demand was so great that PPHM had to move it to a larger venue. The Derrick Room was available. The guest speaker will be Dr. Don T. Curtis, who was in the Dallas Parkland Hospital emergency room the day a mortally wounded President Kennedy wa brought in for treatment. Dr. Curtis will tell his story as the nation commemorates the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination.

The event is free to PPHM members, West Texas A&M University and Amarillo College staff and students. Others who want to attend will be asked to pay $5 per person.

The special showing at the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum is a prelude to a two-part, four-hour episode of American Experience that airs Nov. 11-12 on Panhandle PBS.

Our nation was stunned beyond description by the events that occurred that terrible day in Dallas a half-century ago. Those who were old enough to remember it know what they were doing the moment they heard the news. The video, the remarks by a man who was at the center of the world’s attention and the upcoming PBS special will walk us all back through that infamous moment in American history.

It’s a journey worth taking once more.


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