‘Extreme Ice’ on display

I know it’s a bit strange — then again, maybe it isn’t — to talk about “global warming” as winter approaches the Texas Panhandle.

It’s been a bit chilly around here lately, producing a circumstance that for the past decade or so has been drawing the usual jokes about climate change and whether it’s real or imagined.

I won’t get into that debate here. I will, however, bring to your attention a PBS broadcast set to air Wednesday, Dec. 18, that looks at a phenomenon that’s occurring near the North Pole of Planet Earth.

NOVA’s “Extreme Ice” airs at 8 p.m. on Panhandle PBS.


Scientists have been using time-lapse photography to document the melting of glaciers in Alaska and throughout the Arctic region. NOVA will reveal Wednesday night what science has revealed as it relates to the condition of these ice fields.

Of course, there’s been plenty of debate over many years about climate change. Is it changing? If yes, is the change the result of human activity? Is the change the part of a global cycle that occurs every few million years? Do human beings deserve the blame? Is this all part of God’s master plan?

I’ll leave that debate to folks who are a lot smarter than I am.

I am, however, fascinated by the photographic evidence being collected that shows the ice caps are shrinking, glaciers are melting and ocean levels are showing actual increases. Average worldwide temperatures have risen at times by a full degree year over year.

What’s causing it remains the subject of intense scientific — and yes, political — debate.

NOVA reveals its findings about the status of glaciers using high-tech photographic equipment.

Pictures don’t lie, correct?


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