Jesus Christ the man … and the deity

Jesus Christ has been in the news lately.

Christians worship him as the son of God. Non-Christians know of him as well, thinking of him as a prophet and a man who walked among us two millennia ago.

Frontline, PBS’s award-winning documentary series, broadcast a special about Jesus in 1998 that examined his role in history. Tuesday night, PBS will re-air the groundbreaking special, which will be shown at 9 p.m. on Panhandle PBS. The program is titled “From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians.” It will explore Jesus’s life and the origins of Christianity through the use of physical evidence gathered over many centuries.

It’s available online, along with other material provided by PBS/org.

Why has Jesus been in the news? Well, a cable news anchor, Megyn Kelly of Fox News Channel, set off a tempest with some remarks she made about the ethnicity of Santa Claus and then about Jesus. They both are white men, she said.

Some folks disagreed with that assessment. Others, of course, agreed with it.

Given that there existed no physical proof of Jesus Christ’s appearance when he was born some 2,000 years ago, there remains ample room for discussion about precisely what he looked like. Anthropologists have said for many years they believe he likely resembled Middle Eastern men, given that’s where he was born and where he lived.

Who was this man? How did he live? How did people come to worship him as God’s son?

Frontline takes a keen look at someone described by Christians and non-Christians alike as arguably history’s most influential person.

His impact on humanity has been profound beyond measure.

I plan to watch the program, right after I am finished celebrating in church the joyous occasion of his birth.


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