Frontline starts new year with a bang

I am going to insist that readers of this blog tune in to Frontline to start the new year.

Resolve to do it. Are you good with that?

Frontline is PBS’s award-winning documentary series that is going to usher in 2014 with some blockbuster viewing.

* On Jan. 7, Frontline airs “To Catch a Trader.” It will examine how the largest insider trading scandal in U.S. market history was uncovered. Frontline calls it the story of “the unprecedented government investigation that led to the largest insider trading case in U.S. history.”

* On Jan. 14, the program looks at the “Secret State of North Korea.” I suppose it could be argued that if PBS is showing the world about North Korea’s secrets, then perhaps it isn’t quite so secret after all. Whatever the case might be, North Korea is the world’s most enigmatic state, led by one of the world’s most, um, unusual leaders, Kim Jong Un.

*Then on Jan. 25, Frontline will rebroadcast “League of Denial,” its most-most watched program of 2013. It peels the layers off of the National Football League’s concussion epidemic and the lasting damage the head injuries have done to many athletes over many years. You’ll recall the controversy during the production of the program, with ESPN backing out — allegedly because of pressure from the NFL. It still aired, to tremendous response worldwide.

Frontline airs on Tuesday nights at 9 on Panhandle PBS.

I’ve got those evenings now booked.


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