Egypt’s story continues to unfold

Bombings keep killing people in Egypt, where tyranny was supposed to give way to what was called the Arab Spring.

It’s not happening.

How has this story unfolded? Frontline is telling it and is streaming online videos of past programming that walks viewers through this amazing tale.

“Revolution in Cairo,” was shown in 2011 and it tells the story of the upheaval that was just beginning. It resulted in the ouster of longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak, violence in the streets, a trial and conviction of Mubarak of crimes against the people his governed with an iron fist.

Then came “Egypt in Crisis,” which aired in 2013. The video walks us through the turmoil that enveloped the country through just this past year as is struggled to forge into an uncertain future.

Frontline is the award-winning documentary series produced out of Boston by WGBH-TV, that city’s public television station, and is broadcast throughout the year on Panhandle PBS. It saves these valuable programs online, where viewers can watch them any time.

With violence continuing to tear that important country apart, it serves us well to stay informed on the events that take us to the present.

The Internet has its friends and its foes. Heaven knows I’ve leveled my share of criticism at the medium over the years. The availability of this kind of programming, though, provides one of the many pluses of the Internet Age.

Take a look and learn.


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