‘Rape in the Fields’ to air once more

On June 25, 2013, Frontline — the award-winning PBS documentary series — broadcasted a chilling special on the plight of undocumented female immigrants who are brutalized by their employers.

They are raped and then warned by their employers to keep quiet about it. At stake is their safety from immigration officials who would deport them to their home country.

On March 18, Frontline is re-airing the “Rape in the Fields” to be shown at 8 p.m. on Panhandle PBS.

It’s likely to send chills up our spines again.

The documentary tells the story of women held hostage by those who would take advantage of them.

The plot is simple, but brutally effective.

The employer commits the savagery on the worker; the employer then issues a stern warning, which is to keep quiet or else; the “or else” would result in the employer turning in the undocumented worker to Immigration and Naturalization Service officers, who then would round up the worker, arrest her and send her back.

What happens, then, to the employer who commits the crime? Sadly, nothing in most instances.

Frontline has been telling stories like this for decades. The program is based out of WGBH-TV, the public television station in Boston.

“Rape in the Fields” is grim, sad, tragic and it presents an outrageous portrayal of inhumanity.

It’s also worth watching all over again.


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