‘Peabody Award’ honors PBS

So, do you think corporate advertisers have to shell out millions of dollars to cable and broadcast networks to help pay for quality TV viewing?

If you do believe that, then consider this little nugget: The Public Broadcast System has scored some notable kudos from the Peabody Awards, which honors excellence in broadcast journalism.

Independent Lens and Frontline, two PBS series broadcast on Panhandle PBS, have been honored for their groundbreaking work in chronicling our lives, culture and bringing to light a serious medical issue.

Independent Lens, a series dedicated to showing the work of independent filmmakers throughout the world, captured three Peabodys for its broadcasts of “The Invisible War,” “How to Survive a Plague” and “The House I Live In.”

“The Invisible War” tells the chilling story of the epidemic of sexual assault on female military personnel; “The House I Live In” looks inside jails and prisons where those accused and convicted of drug crimes are sent; and “How to Survive a Plague” examines the role activists, many of whom are afflicted with HIV/AIDS, in their campaign against pharmaceutical companies.


Frontline’s award goes for its coverage of the concussion epidemic in the National Football League. It’s groundbreaking special “League of Denial” tore the scab off a terrible wound in the NFL, the rash of concussions being suffered by athletes and the terrible toll it is taking on them after their playing days have ended.


It’s quality programming, all right.

Journalists, whether print or broadcast, say they value the acknowledgment of their peers. PBS has been acknowledged in a handsome way by its broadcast peers with these prestigious honors.

These programs are available to us on the High Plains and we’re enriched by them.


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