Weather is a big part of living here

You know the saying about how folks “talk about the weather but no one ever does anything about it?”

It’s a big deal in the Texas Panhandle. It runs very hot, very cold, very windy, very dusty … sometimes all on the same day.

The Panhandle Stories series takes viewers to various communities throughout the Panhandle and you hear some things about the weather.

One group of interviews occurred in Pampa, where Panhandle PBS talked to residents of the Gray County seat community about life there. The stories are archived online:

Dennis Palmitier talks about the 1957 blizzard that blew snow drifts to the “eaves of houses” and shut down Pampa schools for a week. He talks also about the 1995 tornado that struck his hometown. He was living in Houston when the twister hit Pampa. He called his parents after trying for three days. Did his mom and dad run for cover? Palmitier says “no,” they got in their car and watched it grow smaller and then move on.

Zip Hall recalls her ancestors learning to cope with what she calls “unpleasant weather,” namely the dust storms that blew across the landscape. “They managed,” she said, even though they struggled to make do in difficult circumstances. Hall says that’s the nature of those who live anywhere in the Panhandle.

The Panhandle Stories series will continue this year as Panhandle PBS looks for people to tell their stories about the places they call home. It’s part of our celebrating 25 years of public television in the Panhandle.

Come along and enjoy the ride.


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