Education becomes Topic One in campaign

Public education has moved to the forefront of the still-building campaign for Texas governor.

Democratic nominee Wendy Davis is criticizing Republican nominee Greg Abbott essentially for doing his job as state attorney general in defending the state’s decision to cut $5.4 billion from public education funding.

It’s an interesting tactic. Abbott, for his part, is fighting back, arguing that he doesn’t support certain testing requirements that have come under fire from Davis and other legislative Democrats.

This is a worthwhile topic the two major-party candidates should be arguing. It is far more critical to the future of the state than whether Davis has been totally truthful about her life story, which dominated the discussion in earlier stages of the campaign.

As the Texas Tribune notes in the link attached to this blog, Davis has gone on offense against Abbott over public education. Texans should welcome Abbott’s responses and should press both candidates on how they intend to formulate public education spending policy during the next 2015 Legislature.

Every politician in Texas proclaims the value of public education, saying that investing in it means investing in the very future of the state. They all talk about the need to provide the best education possible for our children, who will grow into the next generation of leaders for our state.

The campaign for governor is a good place to focus that debate.

Let’s hear it, candidates.


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