Who’s watching the watchdog?

The media are portrayed as the public’s eyes and ears. They look out for the public’s interest as it concerns government affairs.

Who, though, keeps tabs on the media? Who is ensuring that the media are doing their job fairly and without bias and are holding true to their craft, that they set aside their own beliefs and look for the truth wherever it rests?

Brian Stelter is one of those media watchdogs. He is host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” and this week he is Evan Smith’s guest on “Overheard with Evan Smith,” to be broadcast at 8 p.m. Thursday on Panhandle PBS.

Smith is editor in chief and CEO of the Texas Tribune and he routinely rounds up stellar guests for his half-hour interview program.

Stelter is a young man, not quite 30 years of age. He’s covered the media for the New York Times and is CNN’s senior media reporter.

“Reliable Sources” picks apart how the media cover major news stories. It determines whether it’s been fair, whether it’s been accurate and assesses the value the media coverage has brought to improving the public understanding of complex policy matters.

CNN was the first major cable network to report on how the media do their job. Fox News Channel has its “Media Buzz” hosted by former Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz. Both programs seek to shine the light on those who shine their own light on government.

Thursday night on Panhandle PBS, Evan Smith will focus his own beam of light on one of those watchdogs.



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