How dry is it?

The National Weather Service office in Amarillo is going to conduct a press conference Thursday.

What’s the news? Well, it’s dry out there. We’re in a drought and we’re the driest we’ve been since the bad old days of the Dust Bowl.

An NWS press release notes that conditions during the past 43 months are “even drier than the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and the very dry 1950s.”

Well …

The NWS as of late Tuesday had recorded just 1.16 inches of rain … for the entire year to date.

Is it as bad as the Dust Bowl? Well, take a look at Panhandle PBS’s Days of Dust website. It’s right, at this link:

The news conference is set for 10 a.m. at the National Weather Service office at 1900 English Road, near Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. NWS said in is release: “During this press conference, local climate and weather experts with the National Weather Service will provide a current assessment of the drought and its impacts on fire, water, and
agriculture, as well as discuss whether any relief is in sight including the potential El Niño development.”

It’s worthwhile for the weather service to provide the information needed to help us cope with these conditions.

But if you want to know just how bad it can get — and how bad it has gotten around here — check out Days of Dust. It’s pretty chilling stuff.


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