NewsHour set to examine myriad issues

Gosh. Let me think. What do you suppose the PBS NewsHour will be covering Friday night?

* The growing Veterans Administration health care scandal? Sure thing.

* President Obama’s announcement of a significant drawdown of U.S. troops in Afghanistan? Roger that.

* The president’s groundbreaking commencement speech to graduating Army officers at West Point, where he laid out a talk first-fight later foreign policy? Yep, that too.

All of the above. However, if I were a producer at the NewsHour, I’d be pulling my hair out wondering which story gets the lead when the program airs at 6 p.m. Friday on Panhandle PBS.

Panhandle PBS News

They’re all huge. They’re all worthy of lead-story treatment. They’re all historic.

That’s also why PBS pays these guys to make these tough calls. The NewsHour, though, will be on top of it as it always is when big stories break.

The VA scandal got significantly more important on Wednesday when an inspector general’s report declared that average wait times for veterans getting health care is 115 days — far longer than the VA said is acceptable. The pressure is mounting for Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign; it’s also mounting on the White House to push him out.

Stay tuned for all that to play out.

The other stories? Well, the president has drawn his share of criticism and praise for the troop drawdown and for his foreign policy speech at West Point. The NewsHour will be all over those stories as well.

The NewsHour will cover it thoroughly, without hysterics and without bias — which is my definition of comprehensive journalism.


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