How about some more trees?

We love trees. We love them so much that some Panhandle residents became outraged when Texas transportation officials floated a plan a few years ago to cut many of them down along U.S. 60 because — according to the Texas Department of Transportation — the trees posed a traffic hazard.

That idea wouldn’t fly with residents living near Canadian and Miami. They raised a royal ruckus. So, the state backed off the number of trees it would cut.

Dorothy Breedlove’s recollection in Panhandle PBS’s Panhandle Stories segment fits well with our region’s love of trees.

The Good Lord didn’t bless the region with trees. So we have to plant them. Dorothy’s husband was an extension agent in Donley County and he sought to cut down on wind and soil erosion by planting the trees way back when.

It occurs to me that a little tree-planting would do us some good today. We’re facing a drought (the recent rain notwithstanding). The wind’s been blowing pretty hard lately, kicking up a fair bit of dirt. It’s reminded some of our older residents of the bad old days of the Dust Bowl.

Panhandle PBS is marking its 25th year in the Texas Panhandle. Public television arrived here in 1988 and we’re letting our residents tell us what they remember about their communities.

Dorothy Breedlove’s memory of living in Clarendon is another interesting take on life in the Panhandle. Check out the link on to see more of these tales of life on the High Plains.

As for the trees, a few more of them out there wouldn’t hurt a thing.


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