‘The Roosevelts’ preview is set

Get ready for the preliminary to the main event.

The prelim airs tonight at 7 on Panhandle PBS. It’s a preview to another landmark Ken Burns documentary set to air on public television later this year.

It’s called “The Roosevelts”. It looks at three extraordinary American, all related to each other and all of them contributed mightily to this country’ rich history.

Theodore Roosevelt, the youngest man ever to become president, is the first of the Roosevelts profiled in the documentary prepared by acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns.

Burns’s film also examines Eleanor Roosevelt, who was married to another president, and who emerged during her time as first lady as a force of nature in her own right.

Franklin Roosevelt also is profiled. All he did was help end the Great Depression and lead the nation as it fought the world’s bloodiest war.

The documentary series airs beginning Sept. 14. It will take viewers through in the course of several episodes the amazing lives of these Americans. Each of them contributed greatly to this nation’s 20th century history. Each of them is worthy, perhaps, of specials only about them individually.


Ken Burns, who brought the Dust Bowl back to life with a previous documentary shown on Panhandle PBS, is at it again as he chronicles a major part of U.S. history.

First, however, is the preview of what’s coming up in September.


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