Texas vets getting help

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs health care scandal continues to ripple across the land.

It has gotten the attention of governors everywhere. You can add Rick Perry of Texas to the list of governors who want to intercede on behalf of veterans.


Here’s how the Texas Tribune reported the ongoing developments in the scandal:

“Gov. Rick Perry … announced that the state has reached agreements with health facilities to provide care for veterans who cannot get timely treatment from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Now, he’s asking federal officials to approve the plan designed to help the 1.7 million veterans living in Texas.”

Among the health care systems that have signed on are Baylor University’s Scott and White center, Christus, and the University of Texas and University of North Texas systems, according to the Tribune.

Perry has written acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson a letter asking for federal endorsement of the state’s actions to help veterans whose health care concerns get bogged down in a broken system.

“It is clear to Texans that [the Veterans Health Administration] needs immediate support to provide the care that our nation’s heroes need and deserve,” Perry wrote.

The federal system is undergoing a thorough review from top to bottom. This scandal exploded when it became known that dozens of veterans died while awaiting health care that had been delayed far longer than is acceptable. It will take time to find all the problems, correct them and then have those fixes take effect.

Meanwhile, state health care systems are standing by to give veterans the help they need. Texas is one of the states getting ready to act.

As Gov. Perry has noted, the “endless waits” at Texas VA clinics are “just unacceptable.”


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