A decade of war reviewed

The Internet provides many benefits — right along with many headaches.

But hey, let’s stick with the benefits. One of them is that it makes available public affairs programming that is worth seeing over and over, if only to pick up things one misses when seeing it the first or second time.

PBS’s documentary series Frontline is a shining example of what’s out there in cyberworld.


The Iraq War — at least the U.S. involvement in it — has ended. The fighting hasn’t stopped, as we’ve watched in recent weeks. What has been our investment in that conflict? Has it paid off for us? Will it reap rewards in the future or will we suffer grievous loss?

The link I’ve attached to this blog comes from Frontline’s coverage of our decade-long war in Iraq, which began in March 2003 when our armed forces marched into the country and overthrew dictator Saddam Hussein. We hunted Saddam down, pulled him out of the spider hole; he was tried and convicted of crimes against the Iraqis and executed by hanging.

The battle continued. President George W. Bush declared “mission accomplished,” but it wasn’t really. He left office in January 2009 and the new president, Barack Obama, continued the fight, vowing to bring it to an end. Our forces left the country in 2011, leaving Iraq to defend itself against insurgents.

Frontline, which has been acclaimed for its thorough reporting for decades, has covered this story from every angle. Soldiers’ suicide rates keep climbing; the investment of $800 billion in fighting the war; it wonders “What now?” that the war is over.

It’s online, ready for viewing. Check it out on the link above. It’s what public affairs programming is all about.


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