Pulling for Fritch


The article attached here comes from the Texas Tribune. It’s hard to read.

It chronicles the struggle that our friends in Fritch are enduring as they continue to recover from the devastating wildfires that destroyed more than 200 homes.

It wasn’t enough, apparently, that Fritch has been suffering along with the rest of West Texas through a crippling drought. What about Lake Meredith National Recreation Area? The nearby lake that once was more than 100 feet deep? It’s now a mere puddle of its former self.

Residents of the Hutchinson County community are struggling to rebuild. There’s a reservoir of hope that Fritch will come back as it always has when times got rough and tough.

State and federal government aid has been hard to find, according to the Tribune:

“Government aid has been limited. The Texas Department of Transportation recently approved $15,000 to help residents carpool to work, and a few residents have qualified for low-interest loans from the Texas Small Business Association. Most people are relying on friends and donations. The damage was not considered extensive enough for federal relief.”

So what’s a small town in the Texas Panhandle to do?

Fritch is trying to rely on tourism to help bring in revenue to pay for restoration.

I mentioned Lake Meredith’s depleted state. Well, the lake is making something of a comeback. It fell to about 26 feet in depth this past August. Thanks to recent rain, heavy snow west of the Panhandle, and local flooding in Colorado that produced some heavy runoff, the lake has recovered about 12 feet of depth; it now stands at more than 38 feet.

Madeleine Lyckman, a bartender whose house was lost in the fire, told the Tribune that she thought the lake would dry up, then had second thoughts.

“You know, we’ve made it through before,” she said. “We always have a comeback.”

I hope for all the world that she’s right.


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